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Solutions for making the management of a portfolio accurate and compliant

From planning to risk mitigation, as an Asset Manager, you will be able to get the insight you need to make your pitch easier, your investor onboarding simpler, and your shareholder reporting accurate.

  • Investor Management
  • Asset Management
  • Debt Management
  • Financial Management & Insights

Raising funds and managing investor relations is what makes a REIT successful. With a proper use of technology, we can identify the different prospective investors, associate them with the type of assets they would be interested in and manage the complete lifecycle of qualifying the investors – from onboarding to the time the asset is purchased or the investor releases the funds.


Manage a wide variety of asset portfolio no matter the types or complexities. From land to residential to commercial capture key data related to real estate assets so that portfolios can be split, merged, acquired or optimally managed.


Tracking asset debt ratio is important for the property valuation and attracting the proper type of investors. Our debt management solution supports the different lenders, the loan guarantors, interests, payments and other attributes that will allow you to provide the shareholders the proper financial data, cash flow, and budgets to support the asset throughout its lifecycle.


A complete and transparent financials is what your shareholders expect for each of your assets. With an integrated solution that tracks the asset lifecycle, its debts, its CAPEX, its revenues, and its liabilities you are able to produce a 360-degree view of your property financials with a click of a button.


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Working with Domain 6 Team has been a pleasure right from the beginning. They helped us a build a foundation for our digital transformation to keep scaling our business without sacrificing customer experience.

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