Resident Hub

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Improve Crisis Response Time for Your Building

Resident Hub is a Power App that can be deployed in seven days to help you quickly respond to a crisis like COVID-19. Manage crew check-in/check-out, ensure your building and resident safety and efficiently manage amenities and common areas.

Ensure Building and Resident Safety

Efficiently Manage Spaces and Amenities

Comply with New COVID-19 Regulations


  • Building Safety
  • Space & Amenities Management
  • COVID-19 Compliance

Ensure building safety at all times

  • Easily create and distribute acceptance forms, surveys and agreements with access on any device.
  • Support contactless interaction with your residents.
  • Track occupancy and comply with regulations and guidelines.
  • Electronically track user communications such as conditions of use and other important agreement documents.

Efficiently manage your space and amenities

  • Allow prospects to book self-guided tours.
  • Review and approve residents’ activities and bookings.
  • Control maximum occupancy by limiting the number of bookings allowed.
  • Automate check-in/check-out reminders via email or text.

Comply with New COVID-19 Regulations

  • Gain visibility into your residents’ COVID-19 related health statistics.
  • Track any abnormal health information and create automatic escalations.
  • Keep track of key activities such as, common area cleaning and its usage.
  • Quickly and easily report on COVID-19 compliance-related activities.

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